Floral Fabric Fights Frost

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Anti-pill is a particular treatment method for fleece fabrics that resists the pulling and fraying of regular use, and it lends extra durability to well-woven fleece such as this. Depicting white and yellow Plumeria flowers and multiple types of leaves on a blue backing, this fabric is light-weight, soft to the touch, and warm, making it ideal for winter throws and bedding when bright color is wanted. It sells for $10.99 a yard and has a width of sixty inches, the size and quality making it a good buy for something so easily worked with.

The pattern is on the large side, with the smallest of the Plumeria flowers stretching nearly three inches, but it’s a nice repeating one with enough color variety that it doesn’t seem too busy.

Because of the size, it lends itself very well to blankets, or clothing that doesn’t have a lot of small parts, such as jackets, sleep clothes and bags. If sewing quilts, it could make a nice backing, or it could be cut into quilting squares without much trouble. The pattern would make it difficult for smaller squares, but three inches and up should produce enough of a visible pattern for effect.

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Dinosaurs Galore!

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Are there any dinosaur lovers in your life? Is there a little boy or girl who would love some dinosaur-patterned PJ’s or shirts? Or would you yourself like to enjoy a cheery pattern featuring these warm-blooded reptiles? Fleece Printed Fabric / Shadow Dinosaurs Blue can fulfill all these goals. This fabric has a cheerful pattern of solid-colored green, blue, red, and beige dinosaurs placed onto a blue background. The pattern is not oriented in a specific direction and will look good regardless of its orientation. Go ahead and create those PJ’s, shirt, pajama bottoms, or scarf.

This fabric is brushed on both sides and anti-pill on one side, preventing lint balls from forming. This fleece is polyester and is 60 inches wide. It is just $4.50 a yard, and samples are $1. With this fabric, you can create the smile-inducing item of your choice!

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Go Rams! Decorate your Super Bowl Festivities!

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If you love sports, I’m sure it won’t be news to you that the Super Bowl is next Sunday. You have probably been aware of this for a long time, and are even planning food, parties, and decorations. But what you may not know is that we sell Los Angeles Rams themed fabric. So if you are a fan of the Los Angeles Rams, or know someone who is, then keep reading!

This 100% cotton fabric features the Los Angeles Rams logo on a blue background. Used as decoration, it will really bring your Super Bowl festivities to life. You can try using it as a tablecloth to hold gameday snacks or pass out squares of fabric to wear as bandanas. You could also create small decorative flags or even pom-poms!

This 100% Cotton Quilt Fabric / NFL Los Angeles Rams By Fabric Traditions Fabric is sold by the yard for $14.99. Samples are available for just $1. This fabric does not stretch but is light and airy, with a width of 45″. It is sure to brighten your Super Bowl with its cheery yellow and blue design and obvious team spirit!


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