Anchor Fleece Fabric Baby Jacket

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Anchor Fleece Fabric Baby Jacket

Anchor Fleece Fabric Baby Jacket

They may not be dressing themselves but your tiny tots deserve no less than to look savvy and well dressed. A fleece baby jacket is one way to go.

The fleece fabric is available in a cute Anchor design that can be sported by both boys and girls. Fleece is 100% polyester and is a very thick and durable fabric that comfortably warms the body. It is a very popular fabric because it is easy to sew, decorate, and care and has no limits as to its use. This fabric can make cute, soft baby friendly jackets, or used to make other baby items such as blankets and garment pieces. It can also make adult clothing such as hoodies or be used for quilts and bed covers.

Hundreds of additional styles and colors are available in playful prints such as Animal alphabet or Bubble duck fleece. The fabric selection of prints also includes Chevron zig zag, Giraffe skin and the exclusive Animal Print Polar Fleece Fabric.

Anchor Print Fleece Fabric is brushed on both sides, with one side is treated with anti-pile which reduces the formation of annoying fleece balls. The fabric is available at 60 x 36 inches and is sold by the yard and in continuous yards.

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