Christmas Holiday Fleece Fabric

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Christmas Holiday Fleece Fabric

Christmas Holiday Fleece Fabric

The highly anticipated Christmas season usually arrives with the dreaded cold weather. For these icy days and nights, the right snug blanket will help provide warmth right through the entire Christmas.

Introducing the Christmas Holiday Fleece Fabric, a versatile material that can be used to make Christmas blankets that will keep everyone warm and add some festive creativity to the home at the same time. Its soft, durable characteristic makes it even more suitable for this purpose.

The anti-pill Fleece Fabric, is very thick with its two sides brushed and one side treated with anti-pill which prevents the formation of unsightly fleece balls. Made from 100% Polyester, the fabric is intricately woven together; this makes it super easy to manipulate for sewing and other decorative finishes.

Christmas Holiday Fleece blankets make a perfect addition to Christmas décor and can also be a Christmas gift to family and friends. Fleece Printed Christmas Holiday Fabric shows images of snowmen featured on a blue background and is also available in pink.

This fabric is sold by the yard and in continuous yards at 60 inches in width and 36 inches in length. Whether you prefer a throw blanket or one that can cover your bed, the Christmas Fleece Fabric is ideal. It can also be used for covers, quilts and sheets as well as hoodies, jackets, tops, pants bottoms and shirts.

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