Get creative with MLB Boston Red Sox Fleece

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Printed Major League Baseball Boston Red Sox is warm, fluffy and soft! Fleece is a perfect fabric for any Red Sox fan with a love for DIY projects. It is woven to enhance warmth during cold days or nights. The fleece is brushed on two sides and has an anti-pill finish on one side. This ensures that you can enjoy its cozy softness without worrying about it being covered with pills or it getting thinned with use.

It is perfect for blankets, hoodies, ponchos, mittens and hand warmers, scarfs and shawls, wraps, ear warmers, PJs, plush toys, baby onesies, backpacker’s jackets, hats, baby bonnets, bun beanies, beds for your furry pets, costumes, dusters, scraps rugs, pillowcases, heating pads, decorative fleece flowers, treasure pouches, and so many more. Long list, huh? Just think, “if it should warm me up, it should be made out of anti-pill fleece.”

The fleece comes in a vibrant red color, which is perfect for the holiday season. It has the infamous Red Sox logo, name and team name to showcase the love fans have for the team! The fabric width is 60 inches and is sold in yards at $16.99 per yard.

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