Denver Broncos Fleece Fabric

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Denver Broncos Fleece Fabric

Denver Broncos Fleece Fabric

Calling all fans of the Denver Broncos! Big Z has a special offer for Super Bowl 50 Champions.

Introducing the Denver Broncos Fleece Fabric, a licensed NFL Print Fleece Fabric imprinted with the team’s logo and colors to help die-hard fans support the players and show team pride. Fleece is a very thick, durable and soft type of fabric. A very intricately woven material, it is made to maximize warmth and to feel of superior quality making it perfect to keep warm as you cheer on the team. If you’re a Broncos fan, simply enter code BZFJAN16 for extra savings when you make a purchase.

This NFL Print Fleece Fabric is 2 side brushed and 1 side anti-pill. This is a method used to treat fleece fabrics in order hold the formation of fleece ball due to wear and usage. Available in a width of 60”x 36” length, the Denver Broncos Fleece Fabric is sold in continuous yards allowing the customer to purchase in small or large quantity.

Fleece is a light type of fabric that is easy to sew and work with. As such, it is used for a wide variety of purposes including blankets, covers, quits, hoodies, jackets, sheets, tops, garments, pants, shirts, and other clothing. However you wish to express support for the Denver Broncos, this fabric is versatile enough to create that style so you can bring on the cheer and spur the team on to victory every season.

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