In The Game Sports Fleece Fabric

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In The Game Sports Fleece Fabric

In The Game Sports Fleece Fabric

Winter may be upon us but sport takes a break for no one, not even Mother Nature! The key to staying warm at your favorite sporting games or activities is to wear clothing made with fabric designed for warmth and comfort.

In The Game Sports Fleece Fabric is perfect for sports fans who refuse to allow the weather to dampen dedication to their favorite teams or sports activities. Featuring an attractive color and balls design, this fleece fabric does exactly what it was created to do – maximize warmth. The licensed fleece design features soccer balls, footballs, baseballs and basketballs, so fans of these games can feel proud to wear it.

Fleece is a light type of fabric that is easy to sew and work with. In addition, the fabric is 2 side brushed and 1 side anti-pill – a special method used to treat fleece fabrics in order hold the formation of fleece ball due to wear and usage.

Made from 100% Polyester, In The Games Sports Fleece Fabric is a very thick, durable and soft type of fabric that feels like the superior quality that it is. Very intricately woven, this fabric is suitable for blankets, covers, quilts, hoodies, jackets, sheets, tops, garments, pants bottoms, shirts, and other items of clothing. It is available in width 60” x length 36”, and is sold in continuous yards.

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