Go Rams! Decorate your Super Bowl Festivities!

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If you love sports, I’m sure it won’t be news to you that the Super Bowl is next Sunday. You have probably been aware of this for a long time, and are even planning food, parties, and decorations. But what you may not know is that we sell Los Angeles Rams themed fabric. So if you are a fan of the Los Angeles Rams, or know someone who is, then keep reading!

This 100% cotton fabric features the Los Angeles Rams logo on a blue background. Used as decoration, it will really bring your Super Bowl festivities to life. You can try using it as a tablecloth to hold gameday snacks or pass out squares of fabric to wear as bandanas. You could also create small decorative flags or even pom-poms!

This 100% Cotton Quilt Fabric / NFL Los Angeles Rams By Fabric Traditions Fabric is sold by the yard for $14.99. Samples are available for just $1. This fabric does not stretch but is light and airy, with a width of 45″. It is sure to brighten your Super Bowl with its cheery yellow and blue design and obvious team spirit!


rams fleece print

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