Superman Fan? This Fabric is for You!

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Do you know a Superman fan? Or maybe you are one yourself? If that’s the case, Fleece Printed Fabric Superman DC Comics will be perfect for your needs. This fabric shows Superman in a variety of different positions, one behind the other. The primary colors of the cloth are red and blue. This Superman pattern is sure to please any follower of his exploits. It would make a great throw blanket, pajama set, or even sweatshirt. You could also make slippers out of this cozy fabric.

This fabric consists of soft, warm fleece which has been brushed on both sides. It is anti-pill on one side, helping to prevent those irritating fleece balls that can form over time. Instead your project will remain looking beautiful and smooth. It has a width of 60 inches and is available for $15.99 per yard. You can also request a sample for $1 if you’d like. Bring a smile to your Superman fan’s face with this fabric!

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Make your Next Project A Cuddly One!

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Chevron Zig Zag Fleece Printed Fabrics are a great option for a colorful, fun look! Choose from wide or thin zig zags, or choose wavy or irregular zig zags if that’s more your style. Either way, you’ll be getting a warm, comfortable, soft result. Some of the colors available include rainbow on black or rainbow on white. You can also choose Gray/White/Baby Blue, Gray/Yellow/Baby Blue, or more traditional two-toned fabrics like brown or light blue on white, or burgundy on yellow.

One side is treated to be anti-pill, keeping you project looking nice, while both sides are brushed. This fabric is made of polyester and has a width of 60 inches. It is perfect for any of your fleece projects. Use it to make knotted throw blankets, throw pillows, or warm pants and shirts. It will make for cozy pajamas as well, or even a scarf! Fleece is just about unmatched in its versatility. This fabric is available for $4.99 to $9.99 depending on the color. Why not make your next project a cuddly one?

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Plaid Fleece for your Warm Winter Projects!

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Do you have any fleece projects in mind? Or are you looking for a new project and are open to ideas? Then Plaid Polar Fleece Fabric may be a great option for you. This fabric comes in 5 colorful varieties, all in a plaid pattern. The colors center around red, blue, and beige. They will create a colorful look without the need to bring in additional color with a second fabric. These options have a mature look that will suit adults or older children especially well.

Fleece is warm and soft, and therefore an outstanding choice for clothing such as hoodies, sweatshirts, or pants. This fabric is anti-pill on one side to keep your creation looking its best. Both sides are brushed and the fabric is polyester. The width is 60 inches. This fleece fabric is available for $4.99 or $5.50 depending on your color choice.

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