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There are so many wonderful uses for anti-pilling polar fleece in the world of arts and crafts that it truly can take ones breath away. Of course, it is so soft to the touch and provides great warmth even in the coldest of climates but it is also available in virtually any color one can imagine.

One of the most fun things you can make with fleece fabric is to make a blanket from it. This is quite useful and is easy to make. Some people even enjoy making hair bows for children since they are quite comfortable and the material does not snag the hair.

Some crafty users may even decide to create what is cleverly named “cuddle bugs.” These are just little hand-crafted doo-dads that are basically a precursor to the more modern fidget spinners. But cuddle bugs are far more fun to help soothe an anxious person and take away the nervousness they may feel.
There is a whole host of cute and cool things that can be created with anti-pilling polar fleece fabric. Try some out today by order your $1 sample!

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