All Aboard The Fabric Express

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If trains are the focus of your project, but you don’t have time to craft them into your fabric yourself, don’t worry. It’s already done for you in this pre-printed stretch. Patterned by large quilting blocks framed with corner squares and strips, this fabric is already ready for a life as a sheet, a curtain, or the top of a quilt. Sixty inches across and pulling from most of the color prism, the price is only $4.50. Considering it’s saved you thread and time cutting and sewing the pattern, it’s already paid for itself.

This pattern probably wouldn’t lend itself well to clothing on account of being so busy, but it is light-weight fleece, so it’s very durable and could reasonably be made into some winter pajamas. If you end up with scraps or just don’t like the way the pattern lays, each individual part could be cut free with a steady hand and made anew. Lay it out differently and sew it into a new pattern yourself, either with the same pieces or with entirely new ones. If you don’t have enough for that, it can become part of a patchwork quilt, or fragments can help someone learn needlepoint.

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