Enjoy Anti-Pill Fleece For Your Next DIY Project

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Anti-pill fleece is a great fabric that doesn’t fray and resists pilling. Amazingly, they come in an assortment of solid colors that’s just right for any DIY creative project. This fleece is 100 percent polyester and very easy to maintain. Many people prefer this type of fleece because it’s just right for your sewing project theme. You can buy this fabric by the yard for only $4.99 It also comes in other animal print patterns. You can have fun with your DIY project and make it a personalized creation. For example, send your child to college with their own fleece blanket that’s embrioded with their initials.

How To Care For Anti-Pill Fleece And Other Creative Design Ideas

Be creative with your fleece and design ideas by crafting gloves, a scarf, and a hat for those cold winter months. Fleece is an airy material that will keep you cozy. A scoodie is another great craft idea that can be made with anti-pill fleece for friends, family, and small children that live in colder areas. Best of all, fleece is a versatile material that is great for him and her sewing projects. Avoid washing anti-pill fleece with any garments that can accumulate lint and use a mild detergent.

rhino print anti pill fleece
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