Fabric That Says “Cowabunga!”

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If you love Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles or you know someone who does, this fleece could be just what you’re looking for. The pattern might not lend itself very well to everyday clothes, but it wouldn’t be amiss on a pair of pajamas or a housecoat, though as it is fleece it may be too hot for summer items. It would make a durable curtain or a comfortable sheet set without much difficulty, and while the pattern may end up too large for quilting squares, it can definitely make front panels or end up a fleece backing on a winter blanket.

Sixty inches wide, this fabric holds a repeating pattern is made up by manhole covers bearing the TMNT logo alternating with the franchise’s four ninjas looking through a circle, the backing done with a green brick print that has just enough contrast not to steal the show. It sells for $12.99 a yard and has been brushed and treated to withstand a rough life cycle. The colors in fleece hold well and the material is easy to work with, but you should take care to pin it securely into place when you sew as it can stretch a bit.

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creative fleece TMNT print

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