Floral Fabric Fights Frost

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Anti-pill is a particular treatment method for fleece fabrics that resists the pulling and fraying of regular use, and it lends extra durability to well-woven fleece such as this. Depicting white and yellow Plumeria flowers and multiple types of leaves on a blue backing, this fabric is light-weight, soft to the touch, and warm, making it ideal for winter throws and bedding when bright color is wanted. It sells for $10.99 a yard and has a width of sixty inches, the size and quality making it a good buy for something so easily worked with.

The pattern is on the large side, with the smallest of the Plumeria flowers stretching nearly three inches, but it’s a nice repeating one with enough color variety that it doesn’t seem too busy.

Because of the size, it lends itself very well to blankets, or clothing that doesn’t have a lot of small parts, such as jackets, sleep clothes and bags. If sewing quilts, it could make a nice backing, or it could be cut into quilting squares without much trouble. The pattern would make it difficult for smaller squares, but three inches and up should produce enough of a visible pattern for effect.

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