Make Yourself An Aztec Anti-Pull Fleece

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The Aztec style fabric design is an immediately recognizable print to anyone who has seen it even once. In particular, the Aztec Canyon print designs are a popular selection people make when they want a fleece jacket or a fleece blanket. The Aztec fleece fabric from our company is perfect for you to make your own do it yourself Aztec print fleece jacket or fleece blanket project. The anti-pill fleece fabric is made from 100% polyester. Anti-pill fabric means that the fleece was specially treated to hold its shape as a garment or as a blanket no matter the amount of usage. The fleece fabric has an Aztec canyon print on both sides of it. The fabric has a canyon Aztec print on it with turquoise as the main color. Orange, yellow, black, and red colors make up the print design on the turquoise background. The fabric is sold per yard for $9.99. The fabric has sample square options available for a $1 fee.

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Baum Textile Mills Fleece Printed Aztec

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