Anti Pill Fleece Is the Perfect Match for a Project

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Fleece is typically sorted into one of two types. It’s either anti pill or non anti pill. The main difference is what happens after it’s been washed a few times. Anti pill fleece doesn’t develop any little pill outcroppings when it’s washed. It’s also considered a higher quality material.

These two facts mean that it’s better suited to a variety of different DIY projects. The biggest point to keep in mind is that anti pill fleece feels great against the skin. This is true even after repeated washing. Additionally, it’s fairly reasonably priced at around $17 for a yard of printed fabric.

All of this means that one can create a variety of clothing options at reasonable prices. Cardigans are the classic fleece projects. They highlight the lower overall price, ease of workmanship and soft but warm comfort. The resulting cardigans simply feel great against the skin. But at the same time they allow one to really feel comfortable and warm.

The same general principle tends to hold true for one’s hands. Fleece gloves are a classic item. But the fact that they’re less discussed than cardigans makes them a welcome surprise. One can even use leftover material from the cardigan to make gloves.

This pattern of matching materials continues with scarves. One typically has a fair amount of material left when working with yards at a time. The amount left over can often fit into a fairly impressive scarf. And if one can make a matching set of cardigan, scarf and gloves than all the better. All of them keep one warm and comfortable in even fairly harsh weather. Whatever you decide to create, be sure to tag us on Instagram @BigZFabric for a chance to be featured!

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Checkered Softness for Fall

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With the fall season right around the corner it is a great time for crafting with warm and cuddly anti pill fleece. Checkered print fleece is the perfect seasonal pattern to work with and it comes in a range of colors and styles. From pastel checks for baby blankets to dark plaids for the perfect poncho, even bright gingham patterns for those summer project rollovers, anti pill fleece has many options. Not to mention the staple clothing piece in everyone’s wardrobe that screams fall.. The Checkered Flannel! Pricing ranges from $3.50 to $4.99 a yard.

There are so many fun projects to do with fleece. It is perfect for no sew blankets and pillows. Just cut the edges of two pieces of fabric into 1-2 inch strips and tie together. These are great projects for kids and beginners, and make for a great seasonal throw or pillow. For the more experienced or adventurous crafter, anti pill fleece is a great fabric choice for a fall ponchos or hats. You could even turn these into hand made holiday gifts! Who doesn’t love personalized items? Share your creations with us!

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Anti Pill Fleece For Easy, Fun DIY Projects

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Many individuals love doing DIY projects and are looking for easy, fun items to make. A great choice of material to use for your projects is anti pill fleece. This material resists fraying and pilling; is soft, thick, warm; and holds up well. It can be made from various materials, such as goat or sheep hair or from synthetic materials, which include polar fleece, a polyester fabric or horticultural fleece, a polypropylene fabric.

Fleece is available in many colors, such as purple, pink, red, yellow, orange, brown, grey, blue, green and various shades in each category, as well as black and white, prints and sports designs. Fleece comes in 58-60 inch widths and prices vary, depending on the type or if it’s print or solid fabric. Anti pill is less expensive per yard and can run from $4.00 – 5.99, sale price, around $10.00, regular price or with a coupon, even less.

Anti pill fleece is easy to sew and great to use for beginners. You can purchase anti pill fleece to make a variety of fun and useful items, such as blankets, socks, scarves, hats, pillows, etc. If you have grand-kids, making doll clothes, puppets or Christmas crafts is a fun way to spend time with them. When sewing fleece, it’s best to use a ball point needle. When cutting fleece, use a rotary cutter and mat for straight lines. For non-sew projects, anti pill fleece is best. Whatever your project, anti pill fleece is worth trying.

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